About Hemp CBD

Hemp is a species of the cannabis sativa L plant and is harvested on a commercial level for its seeds and stalks. The harvested seeds and stalks are then used in many different products including hemp CBD oil.

In order for cannabis to be considered hemp, it cannot contain more than 0.3% of tertrahycrocannabinol or THC. THC  is the element in marijuana that give users a high when smoking or ingesting it. Without enough THC in the hemp, it’s impossible to get high from it and this is why it’s legal and used widely across many different industries.

Hemp that is used for CBD oil and industry is typically not grown indoors or grow houses. The indoor growing is usually used for medical marijuana and now legal purchases in certain states.

In the early days before the demonization of hemp, it was used widely in industry textile factories and made great material to produce rope from.

In 2001, the DEA announced hemp for use in food would be illegal. The HIA (Hemp Industries Association) sued the DEA and was successful in getting the rule stopped on several occasions. In 2004 the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously sided in favor of the HIA and wrote that the DEA could NOT regulate hemp because it didn’t contain the properties that were outlawed in Schedule 1. The DEA did not appeal this decision and that ruling stands today.

It is through the legal use of hemp CBD oil that the many benefits it may produce were discovered and are widely used throughout the US today.